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Club Google Calendar (2 replies and 1 comment)

9 months ago
Redical 9 months ago

The club's Google Calendar is back up and running. If your default calendar program supports iCal format, you can import and merge the club's calendar into your own calendar.

SFJC Google Calendar

2010 JK 3' lift, 1.5' BL, 35' Grabbers, Cragar Soft 8s, 1.5' spacers, Bilstein 5160s, OME 60066s, RC disconnects, Dynomax

9 months ago
SHELLBACK 9 months ago

Nice! Now my calendar shows all the important stuff of 2017!!!

Big Red 1
9 months ago
Big Red 1 9 months ago

How many going camping this weekend

8 months ago

next weekend... the 21st? I am in!

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